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Cretan Cuisine DIY: Dakos Alana


One of the most renowned and famous Cretan dishes all over the world is Dakos. It’s the epitome of healthy Mediterranean diet, as it’s based in whole grain rusk, providing energy, fresh tomato, giving you vitamins and minerals and some cheese and olive oil that have calcium and antioxidants. 

To prepare a Dako is really easy, you’ll need: 

Dried bread or barley rusk (paximadi)
One fresh large tomato
Feta cheese or a different kind of salty goat-milk based cheese
Capers and oregano
(Olives and pepper optional)

 First find out how hard is the dried barley rusk and soak in under running water until it’s still consistent and just before it’s all wet. Put on in a salad bowl and try not to break it apart. Next wash the tomato and optionally peal it. Either cut it in small cubes or pass it through a grader over the rusk. Add a slice of cheese or a spoonful of it, if it’s cream like. Top it with some extra virgin Cretan olive oil, some capers and oregano. Enjoy a hearty salad that is also an excellent main-dish alternative!

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