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It should come as no surprise that Greeks love their food! From the pretty basics, like olive oil, Greek salad, feta and Greek yogurt, to the more complex ones like souvlaki and moussaka, Greeks have managed to get the world healthier, more tasty and fuller, just by food!

A visit to Greece is not complete if you don’t get a true taste of the country’s amazingly rich culture!

Start your exploration of Greek Cuisine with the inventors of the Mediterranean Diet. The biggest island in Greece, Crete has a lot to offer, including an amazing food culture, that goes back millennia. Probably the best place to get a first hand experience is none other than Alana Restaurant. 

Alana’s famous for its menu that offers more contemporary and tasteful takes on Greek and Cretan traditional dishes, as well as for its re-imagining of international dishes in a more Cretan way. Book a table now and “Kali Oreksi”!

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