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Alana Restaurant’s new look with the same quality!


Winter season has come to end and so are the renovation works here at Alana Restaurant. Summer 2014 will start in a fresh and brand new look for your beloved restaurant located in the Old Town of Rethymnon. 

We spent our winter thinking and planning of our renewed character, in order to offer the high-standard services and cuisine our guests are familiar with, in a modernized space meeting everyone’s needs.The courtyard is now fitted with new floors, and extension works have been performed at the bar section to serve even more of your favorite drinks in a spacious area.

Moreover, we visited some of the local vineyards and wine-producers, in order to renew our wine list, which is now enriched with local and international brands as well. 

Alana’s team also welcomes some new members who are well prepared to try their best and offer you a unique dining experience in Rethymnon, filled with Cretan delicacies and aromas.

Fresher than ever Alana has opened its gates to host old and new friends for an entertaining season with your friends or family! 

So, let the season start and get ready to enjoy delightful summer nights together with the people of Alana Restaurant! 

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