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A brief of history in Rethimno


Rethimno is known as a picturesque old town, thanks to its Venetian harbour and countless winding streets, where tourists and locals can be found day and night. The town is rich in history and was built on the ancient site of Rithymna, part of ancient Minoan civilization. The Minoan era lasted from 2600 to 1100 BC and the whole island of Crete owes much of its long and colorful history to this time of rich cultural growth.
Start at the Old Town and walk by the Rimondi Fountain, built in 1626 in Plateia Petychaki. When you’re in the neighbourhood you should ask about the Liondara, (the lions in Greek.) Continue through narrow medieval streets to the Great Gate which dates back to 1568. You will discover a whole new world, with the Minaret of the Neratze Mosque, which was built on the Venetian Church of Santa Maria. Now used as a music school it is reminiscent of the skyline of Turkey.
Continue on to the Old Harbour of Rethymno, with its Venetian Townhouses lighting the night as the boats roll on the gentle waves. Everywhere you’ll see Venetian architecture and for keen eyed viewers, the doorways are a special treat.
Rethimno offers a trip through history, through many attractions and sights. Take a walk to the past and let it spark your sense in Rethimno. See some photos of Old Rethimno on Pinterest.



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